Thursday, September 8, 2016

Comic Con 2016

It's that time of year again! 
And also a cool reminder that this time last year marked my first couple weeks in San Diego and my first comic con experience. I personally love how it never changes. Mobs of people gather every year to express themselves and what they love. 
(It's also always super hot!)
This year, my slightly last minute closet cosplay was Poison Ivy. 
Of course I had a group with me this time consisting of a female Joker, The Riddler, & The Penguin. (: 
Besides the heat, walking around ended up being a lot of fun like last year. People asking for pictures and vise versa! 
(Bonus snapchat included)


Monday, May 9, 2016

songs of solomon

Hello loves,
I was recently honored to be in a photo project done by a close friend and amazing photographer! 
Her vision; Songs of Solomon, the most romantic book in the Bible, coming to life in a photo series.

Here are the outcomes below: 

All in all it was an extremely enjoyable shoot with successful results. (: 

Check out more of her amazing work here:

P.S good luck with finals, summers almost here!


Friday, March 18, 2016

finding myself as an artist

probably the most indecisive people on the planet..or maybe that's just me. 
Recently, I've been trying to find myself as an artist. Not necessarily my style, but "my why". 
Why do I create what I create? How does it make me feel, & how does it make others feel? 
So many opportunities have arisen in my life when it comes to art.
Earlier this month I was invited to a discussion/seminar in LA featuring a well known storyboard artist/Emmy-winning director; John Over. 
My friend (who has similar interests) and myself went together and left completely re-inspired as artists. We've both been looking into our desired career a lot more since then. 
Also, The San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art decided to collaborate with my school to feature many art pieces inspired by a previous field trip to their museum. The opportunity to have my art displayed for many people to see was a very fulfilling experience. I got to see and hear what others thought of my art and how it spoke to them.
For my first art exhibition, it was pretty great. Looking forward to maybe doing more in the future!


P.S The last picture was a super cool looking chair at the museum I thought I'de share.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

pretty in pink

Bonjour loves, 

Long time no see! The chaos of school plus the holidays had completely wiped me out when it came to blog posts. But with summer on it's way, I can happily say I have somewhat returned. (It's already getting too hot in San Diego)

It's the second semester and I'm just now meeting some new lovely people! 
This week I had the pleasure of Interviewing and having a photo shoot with my friend, Lucia.
Her style completely stood out to me, which is actually how our friendship started!
Overall, both the interview and the shoot were a lot of fun and came out very well. c: Read more below!

  • How would you describe your personal style? 
    • Lucia describes her personal style as being based around what she's picked up from favorite movies, music, and fashion magazines. (examples: 90s style/grunge & pink)
  • Being a film nerd, what are your favorite directors/movies?
    • The actress ChloĆ« Savigny and directors Larry Clark, (Ken Park, Kids) Harmony Korine, (Gummo, Julien Donkey-Boy) John Waters, (Cereal Mom, Cecil B. Demented) Wes Anderson, (Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenenbaums, Grand Budapest Hotel) Sofia Coppola, (Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette) John Hughes, Stanley Kubrick, (The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket) and David Lynch (Twin Peaks). 

  • Favorite clothing piece?
    • A vintage 70s Izod sweater with baby blue, pink, and lilac stripes..and 70's brown platform loafers. 

  • 3 Fun Facts:
    • She loves rollerskating and has participated in roller derbies most of her life.
    • She's from Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
    • And she plays the bass!

If you just absolutely adore Lucia (like me) follow her on tumbler or on Instagram:


Hope you all enjoyed todays post! ~<3

P.S I will be using some of these pictures as references for some art pieces coming soon!


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

hello Hollywood


I can truthfully say that I was a complete tourist this past weekend. Since moving to SD, my family hasn't done much when it comes to exploring the LA/Hollywood area. On Sunday we visited the bulk of it! We got to visit some well known landmarks that I myself had only seen on tv or in movies.
The TCL Chinese Theater was packed with tourists and people in costume looking for a tip or two. I found so many celebrities I admired on The Walk of Fame (see Robert Downey Jr & Star Trek actors below).
Although we only saw the infamous Hollywood sign from afar, it was still quite the experience to see it in person, with my own eyes! (I swear I thought it was fake.) 
There were even people already lined up for the upcoming Star Wars movie!(so excited.)
Later that night I went to a filmmaker/media artist Christmas party at the CBS Studio Center. It was a fun night overall, and an even better time sleeping on the way home..

P.S I highly recommend the new film; Life. It's a quiet, poetic film and very interesting to watch. Look it up!(: 

P.S.S Sadly, today marks the 33 year anniversary of John Lennon's death. He's certainly missed by myself & the world. 
I believe the world lost one of it's greatest imaginations that day and I admire him greatly.


Friday, November 13, 2015

This is Halloween!

Hello, loves!

Here we are, so far in the year. Everything's happening so fast in my opinion. It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating Halloween! (one of my all-time favorite holidays) 
Fall has always been my favorite season, and I must admit it's a little different here on the west coast. In Indiana, the seasons were always so prominent. You could tell the 4 apart so easily, and the leaves never failed to change color to create breathtaking  sceneries. Here in San Diego, it gets a bit chilly and the wind blows a bit..but instead of leaves rustling, palm trees bend in the wind. It's quite a different atmosphere and theres few days where it actually feels like fall, but its beautiful all the same!
I trust you all had a very spooky, fun-filled Halloween. 
I certainly did! My halloween experience included a field trip to the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art downtown, and a prize for best costume later that night. (that was a pleasant surprise!)
I'm not sure what it is about downtown areas but I seem to be attracted to them wherever I go! Those last pictures are some snapshots of my time downtown with friends later that week. (:
Alas, I encourage you all to continue enjoying this Fall season.